The Technical Case For BTC and ETH To Break All Time Highs. XRP?

XRP price prediction

BTC and ETH always have and always will be the two leading cryptos for the unforeseeable future. In fact what if ETH overcame BTC in value someday? Is this possible? Afterall there is no human or further development is happening to BTC while ETH is continually evolving and the entire DEFI industry is based on ETH smart contracts.

But lets take a look at the chart price predictions and projections for for BTC, ETH, and XRP.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC)

  • Ascending triangle formation pre breakout trigger 19908
    • projection 25k / +28%
  • descending wedge broken (bullish)
  • Ascending trend in tact
    • if broken support level to buy 16500

Ethereum Technical Analysis (ETH)

  • ascending triangle breakout trigger 635
    • projection 800 / +28%
  • descending wedge broken
  • the overall trend intact
    • Support buy level if broken 475

Ripple Technical Analysis (XRP)

See Video for Full Analysis

  • Bouncing off lower channel support
    • 18% upside potential to re-test channel resistance
  • Breakout of channel projection .62 + 40% gain from current price.


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